~ Welcome to Calvary ~

CAC is a warm and loving church, that wants you to feel at home. If you need Healing, Salvation, or Hope for tomorrow, you'll find it at Calvary.

Our goal is to reach the world around us, with Jesus being our Inspiration. What he did on Calvary can never be forgotten; and the precious blood that flowed from Calvary's hill is a reminder of the price he paid for us.

Be inspired; give Calvary a chance; after all "Calvary" gave you one!

            Calvary Has:

  •   A Friendly and Peaceful Atmosphere

  •   Anointed Praise ~ Preaching & Teaching      

Ezekiel 37:10
"So I prophesied as he commanded me, 
and the breath came into them and they lived,
and stood up upon their feet an
 "Exceeding Great Army"

Once dead until God breathed "Life" into them.
"Stir up the gift within you, come alive in Jesus Name"

Pastor Judy E. Smith




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  May 2021  
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